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Breathe Clean Air and let the world Breathe Clean

Breathe Clean Air and let the world Breathe Clean

The United Nations environment programme calls us for its First International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies 2020 to take action to reduce air pollution and bring a transformative change in our lifestyles. The UN has considered it to be the need of the hour.

The world today is growing very fast and for that enormous growth it consumes the natural resources in a faster manner which is alarming. 92% of the world is exposed to polluted air and if it’s unaddressed it might cause permanent injuries on the ecosystem. It is our responsibility to let the next generation breathe the clean air. So let’s join United Nations Environment Programme to bring awareness to everyone about the clean air for blue skies.

We at Ecohike produce T-Shirts by recycling 12 pet bottles and do not use virgin resources for production. We ensure that the CO2 emission while manufacturing is 70% less and it saves 2700 liters of water. The Sustainable Ecofriendly T-Shirts that we manufacture are non-dyed and no colors added.

Clean Air Initiative:

The Bill and Brand Tags attached with the T-Shirts are ‘seed tags’ which will grow into a beautiful plant when planted.


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We join with United Nations Environment Programme to Breathe Clean Air and let the world Breathe Clean. We also invite you with all the warmth to take a step forward to support this mission of ensuring that the next generation breathes clean air.